Styling the Midlife Midsection for Summer – Part III of III

In this three-part series, I am showing you how to style that dreaded midlife midsection…for a total of NINE WAYS to style outfits to conceal your the stomach. You know, that bulge that just showed up around your center sometime after turning 40?  No worries, its something that happens to almost all midlife women.  But here are some fashion solutions to help you comfortably style your stomach area in the midlife years.

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Option 1: Short Sleeve Tunic

A short sleeve tunic is a good option for summer has the linen fabric is light (allowing air to reach the skin) while the tunic shape offers plenty of coverage for the midsection. Shop this outfit here.


Option 2: Short Sleeve Tunic

A long sleeve linen tunic covers both the midlife midsection AND the midlife arms. Although it is long sleeve, the fabric is linen which is light and airy allowing air to flow through the fabric and cool the skin. This is a timeless, classic wardrobe piece. Shop this outfit here.


Option 3: Rubber Band Gather

If the hem of the blouse is square or straight, try using a rubber band the gather the hem at the waist. This won’t work for every untucked blouse, but it can add just a slight amount of definition to the waist line. See the video above for a demonstration. Shop this outfit here.

Option 4: Tie Waist Blouse

A tie waist blouse is utilizes the untucked shirt to cover the midsection while still adding some definition to the waist line with the fabric tie belt. This looks is so polished and professional! Shop this outfit here.


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