While the midlife midsection is the most common problem area when it comes to midlife fashion, the dreaded midlife arms are a close second.  And no matter how hard I work my arms or how heavy I lift, I still have bat wings.  With this in mind, here are four summer dress options to accommodate those midlife arms.

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This white with blue kimono dress is my hands-down favorite dress for summer.  It offers plenty of coverage for the midlife arms…while also adding some room for that midlife midsection.  It will sell out quickly so grab your size before its gone. Shop this dress here.

This mauve midi dress (its a maxi dress on me at 5’1) is absolutely lovely.  Not only does it cover the arms, it also allows air to move around the upper arm in order to keep it cool.  AND this dress has a little extra room around the midsection.  Its perfect to wear as a wedding guest dress.  Shop this dress here.
This kimono dress is made of a light chiffon fabric that is light and airy for summer.  The kimono sleeves cover the upper arm while still allowing air to flow around the skin. Shop this dress here.

What can I say about this slate blue dress other than that it is absolutely LOVELY. Shop this dress here.

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