No denim jackets, sneakers, or baseball hats here.  These outfits are for women who want to be comfortable yet look polished and pulled together while traveling.  And…there are benefits to dressing sophisticatedly while traveling:  I got upgraded to first class while wearing this poncho outfit last summer AND brought to the front of the TSA security line!  Shop all of these outfits HERE.


Travel with a Cardigan / Sweater / Poncho / Wrap

I always travel with some sort of layering, warming piece when I travel.  Regardless of how hot the outdoor weather is in your departure or arrival city, chances are that the airplane will be COLD.  (I live near Key West for most of the year.  We have a saying that we prepare for the weather outdoors, but dress for the weather *indoors*.)  I prefer to travel with the cashmere wrap or cashmere poncho because both of those pieces roll up to the size of a water bottle and stow nicely in a carryon.  Then I just take them out when the airplane gets chilly!

Wearing White While Traveling

I’m from the Florida where wearing white is just a way of life.  If you are worried about getting something on your white pants or shirt while traveling, a Tide pen pen in your purse takes care of any oops.  If our naval sailors can wear ALL WHITE ALL SUMMER LONG, so can we.

Sandals While Traveling?

As an initial matter, I am TSA Prechecked to so I do not have to remove my shoes in the security line making sandals okay when traveling.  If you haven’t looked into TSA Precheck, its totally worth it:  you skip the long screening lines, keep your shoes and coat on, and don’t have to take anything out of your bag.

I have had a couple of comments on social media saying that its not safe to wear sandals (or shorts) on an airplane in case you have to evacuate.  But I asked a flight attendant about this:  she rolled her eyes, shook her head, and said, “In the unlikely event of an evacuation, the last thing you are going to be worried about is what you are wearing.”  

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Video Demonstration Here:

Shop ALL of these outfits here.


Remember those Teva sport sandals we wore back in the early 1990’s???  THEY’RE BACK…but more chic this time around.  These white sport sandals are hard to find and going out of stock at rapidly at every retailer that I find them.  Don’t wait if you want them.  Shop this outfit here.

White Tank + White Cardigan + Neutral Linen Crops + Sport Sandals + Old Money Handbag



I got upgraded to first class while wearing this poncho outfit last summer AND brought to the front of the TSA security line!  Shop this outfit here.

White Tank + White Knit Crops + Cashmere Poncho



The actual dress I am wearing is about 10 years old, so I linked to a similar dress.  Shop this outfit here.

Black Tank Dress + Cashmere Cardigan


I love traveling with this cashmere wrap for two reasons:  1) its like wrapping up in a warm -but chic – blanket on the airplane.  2) It rolls up to about the size of a water bottle and fits nicely in my carryon tote.  Shop this outfit here.

Black Tank + Black Crop Pants + Cashmere Wrap



Shop this outfit here.

White Tank + White Linen Joggers + Long Cardigan + Sport Sandals


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