PRO TRAVEL TIP: How We Saved $900 On Our Holiday Travel Reservation

This Christmas, I wanted to create some extra special memories with my family. We decided to book a holiday stay near Disney’s Orlando resorts. Though we made reservations over a month in advance, just days before the trip my husband had the idea to check pricing online. Shockingly, he found our same room being offered for over $600 less!

Rather than cancel and re-book, he phoned the resort to inquire. In a phone call that took less than 10 minutes, the resort modified our reservation to the new lower price – and surprised us by throwing in a $300 resort credit to boot. That one call saved us nearly $900!

As it turns out, hotels and resorts often drop prices on rooms they anticipate having vacancies for. By checking current rates before locked-in trips, huge savings can be found. Remembering to search again close to travel dates can really pay off! Check the price on YOUR Holiday Travel Reservations on Expedia!

We’re looking forward to soaking up some Christmas magic in the Florida sunshine. And thanks to a bit of clever planning, we’ll have extra money to create those special memories we dreamed of!

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– Valarie

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Check the price on YOUR Holiday Travel Reservations on Expedia!

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