Travel HACK: How to Travel With Your Winter Coat…Without Getting It Dirty

As winter approaches, many of us find ourselves planning trips to colder destinations, whether it’s for a ski vacation or simply to enjoy the beauty of snow-covered landscapes. However, one challenge that arises when traveling during the winter season is how to manage our bulky winter coats. Fortunately, I have a simple yet effective solution that will not only keep your winter coat clean but also help you stay organized during your journey. Say hello to the pillowcase method!

Why the Pillowcase Method?

When traveling, we often face the predicament of either wearing our heavy winter coat throughout the journey or cramming it into an already overflowing suitcase. Neither option is ideal, as wearing a coat for an extended period can be uncomfortable, and folding it into a suitcase risks getting it wrinkled, dirty, or even damaged. This is where the pillowcase method comes to the rescue.

Video Demonstration:

How to Travel With Your Winter Coat

3 Benefits of Using a Pillowcase:

1. Protection against dirt and debris:

Airports, train stations, and other travel areas can be bustling with activity, resulting in dirty floors and surfaces. By placing your winter coat inside a pillowcase, you create a protective barrier against dirt, dust, and other elements that might soil your coat during transit.

2. Keeps your coat organized:

Placing your coat in a pillowcase keeps it separate from the rest of your belongings, allowing for better organization. It prevents your coat from getting tangled with other clothing items, making it easier to locate and access when you need it.

3. Saves luggage space:

Winter coats are notoriously bulky, taking up valuable space in our suitcases. By using the pillowcase method, you can compress your coat slightly, enabling you to fit more items in your luggage without compromising on cleanliness or organization.

How to Use the Pillowcase Method:

Choose a suitable pillowcase: Opt for a standard-sized pillowcase that will comfortably fit your winter coat. Avoid using a silk or satin pillowcase, as these may not provide sufficient protection against dirt and stains.

Ensure your coat is clean: Before packing, make sure your coat is clean and dry. Remove any loose debris, brush off excess snow, and address any stains to ensure your coat is in the best possible condition for travel.

Insert your coat into the pillowcase: Starting from the top, slide your coat into the pillowcase, ensuring that the entire coat is enclosed. If your coat has a hood, fold it neatly and place it inside the pillow

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