Thoughtful Gift Box for Holiday Gifting

I’m the months leading up to the holidays, k send a monthly “holiday prep to do” checklist to make the holiday season less stressful. The item on my heart this week has been #9 from the October list: what can I do to make the holidays more meaningful this year?

Thoughtful Gift Boxes:

In past years, I’ve simply bought gifts because I knew I should buy a gift…without putting much though into it. But this year, I have decided to be more thoughtful about gift giving. After some contemplation and research, I decided to make “thoughtful gift boxes” for most of the people on my list. These are reusable boxes full of small items that the recipient really likes or needs…and shows that I’ve really put some thought into that person, what they like, what they enjoy, and what makes them happy.

Mindful Gift Giving:

Year after year, I *cringe* at the trash bag full of waded up wrapping paper from Hanukkah and Christmas gifts, especially when contemplating how many households across the globe are creating that extra trash bag full of waste. So this year, I have decided to use reusable boxes with lids for most of my gift giving. Tied with simple fabric bows, these boxes can be repurposed during the year and reused in subsequent holiday seasons. Yes, its a little bit more of an investment than wrapping paper…but I feel better about my carbon footprint…and they look incredibly elegant and classy at the same time.

Simple Thoughtful Gift Box for Colleague or Co-Worker

Selecting a holiday gift for a colleague or co-worker can be tricky…and sometimes downright awkward. But a reusable gift box containing a timeless moleskin notebook, nice gel writing pen, and small bag of holiday chocolates is a safe bet for even the most quirky of co-workers.

Moleskin Notebook + Gel Writing Pen + Reusable Gift Boxes = Thoughtful Gift Box for Colleagues or Co-Workers

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