Styling the Midlife Midsection. Which option is YOUR favorite: 1 2 3 4 or 5?

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Midlife Ladies: are you sick and tired of trying to find clothing to accommodate your midlife tummy? ✅

Are you over fashion influencers insisting that you absolutely must tuck your shirt to look fashionable? ✅

Yeah, I got you girl. 👍🏼

And before you ask how could I possibly know anything about the midlife belly… I lost 20+ pounds in 2021 and have managed to KEEP IT OFF ever since.

👚 Today I’m showing you 5 options to style your midlife midsection…none of which require tucking your shirt. That’s right. UNTUCKED SHIRTS FOR ALL!

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Shop these outfits here.

Outfit 1:

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Outfit 4:

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Outfit 5:

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