Finding jeans that are appropriate for my midlife years is a constant source of aggravation for me.  The trendy high waist jeans are NOT compatible with my midlife midsection and I refuse to wear jeans with gaping holes in them.  Unfortunately, both of those styles are plentiful amongst the major retailers.

Why do I refuse to wear jeans with holes?

It is a holdover from my youth.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s, no one wore jeans with holes in them.  Seriously, you didn’t show up for school with holes in your jeans unless you wanted to trigger a social services investigation.

If you had a hole in your jeans, your mom sewed a patch over the hole. (My mother sewed a rainbow patch from K-Mart on my jeans.  I was quite fond of my rainbow patch.)  But if you came to school with holes in your clothing, it meant your mother did not love you.  Or it meant your mother was a drunk or on drugs so she was too lit up to sew the requisite patch on your jeans.  Even worse, it meant your mom was running around on your dad so she was too “busy” to properly care for her children by patching their clothing.  Seriously.  That was the stigma attached to holes in your clothing back then…and it sticks with me to this day.

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Sweater Tank + Straight Leg Jeans + Slide Sandals + Crossbody Bag




Why do I refuse to wear high waist jeans?

It’s simple: high waisted jeans are not comparable with my midlife midsection.  Although I don’t have a big belly, high waisted jeans make me look like I do…and I find that unflattering.  As I’ve commented before, high waist jeans feel like they are bumping into my bra all day long, make my backside look long and distorted, and overaccentuate my tummy.  Hence, high waist jeans are a trend that this soon-to-be-50-year-old-woman refuses to participate in.

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Straight Leg Jeans + Linen Button Up + Slide Sandals + Straw Tote


Skinny Jeans Have Reached Classic Status…Just Step Out of Your Comfort Zone a Little. 

While I know we are all super comfortable and tied to our skinny jeans at this point, I want to encourage midlife women to try out straight leg jeans this summer.   What is the different between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans? Skinny jeans hug the contours of the skin and accentuate the feminine silhouette…this is probably why we love them so.  Meanwhile, straight leg jeans have no or just a little taper, leaving room between the skin and the denim.

(NOTE:  You don’t have to get rid of your skinny jeans or stop wearing them.  Skinny jeans have reached classic status and will always be in style.)

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Smart Casual = Straight Leg Jeans + Neutral Linen Blazer + Black Tank / Bodysuit + Pumps


My Favorite Style of Midlife Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans

Personally, I prefer boyfriend jeans as they have just a touch of a boyish shape and a straight leg…it reminds me of the jeans I wore in the early 1990’s that I bought from the boys section at Goodwill that hung loosely on my hips.  Hey, it’s what I could afford back then!

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Straight Leg Jeans + Linen Button Up + Slide Sandals + Straw Tote


3 Jeans Appropriate for Midlife Women

With that said, I have found three pairs of jeans appropriate for midlife women that I am sharing with you today.  No high waist.  No gaping holes.  (A little distress on the outside of the fabric – but no hole.  Its just an embellishment.). Step out of your comfort zone and give straight leg jeans a try!

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Straight Leg Jeans + Black Tank + Slide Sandals + Straw Tote


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