Today, I am sharing with you simple chic outfits for Thanksgiving. My basic formula for simple chic is my favorite sweater and jeans…but then elevate the accents slightly. Add a cute pair of loafers or flats (think bow flats), a stylish handbag, and classic jewelry. No statement pieces to distract from the outfit! Here are five examples for Thanksgiving. Shop all of the items here.

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Shop all of these items here.
Shop here.
I wanted to give an option aside of the traditional Autumn colors for Thanksgiving, hence this pretty pink pom pom sweater. I definitely get frequent wear out of this sweater for the holidays. And only $33. 😉💕 Shop here.
Classic, timeless sweater. You won’t look back in 20 years and roll your eyes at the outfit! (I’m pretty sure there is an old photo of Jackie O wearing a similar sweater from the 1960’s or 1970’s.) Shop here.
Super soft sweater in a quintessential Autumn color! 🦃❤️🍽️ Shop here.
My favorite sweater in my closet. This is last year’s version of the same pattern – just no buttons this year. Shop here.

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