Layered Thanksgiving Outfits for Menopausal Women

Yup, you read that headline right. Layered Thanksgiving Outfits for Menopausal Women.

I heard from so many of you who said you would be spending the entirety of Thanksgiving Day cooking in the kitchen. I get it – it can get pretty hot when you’re cooking in the kitchen all day.

But then there are others of us who are just hot at various parts of the day anyways. Because of those dastardly menopausal hot flashes, we spend the day rotating between Three Mile Island Hot and Polar Vortex Cold.

With this in mind, I have styled layered looks for Thanksgiving for midlife women. The top layer cardigan is intended to be peeled off when the hot flash arrives or when it gets suffocatingly hot in the kitchen. Underneath the cardigan is a sleeveless shirt to help you cool off. So when the hot flash subsides, or when the heat in the kitchen goes away, you can simply put the cardigan back on and still look stylish for Thanksgiving.

Which outfit looks like one you might actually wear?

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The cardigan in outfit 1 has really soft fuzzy fabric – and the cropped length is a nice change. A sleeveless black shirt and pants underneath will help you cool off when it gets hot…without worrying about staining for spilling the gravy. Shop here.
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