3 Steps to Reset Your Closet for Spring


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Hello Gorgeous!

Now that Spring is in full swing, its time to refresh your closet before summer arrives.  Here are three steps to reset your closet this Spring:

  1. Remove the prints.  I’m serious.  Take all of the prints (except for stripes) out of your closet.  This is me giving you tough love: the prints are making you look older and dating the outfit.  Plus, prints are recognizable.  You can only wear them once or twice before someone says, “Oh I remember when you wore that blouse…”. You don’t have to throw them out, but just set them aside in a box until you prove to yourself that you can live without them.
  2. Remove anything that is too big, too small, itchy, or just comfortable to wear.  Again, you don’t have to get rid of them, just set them aside.  But you won’t be wearing them this season so they don’t need to be cluttering your closet. 
  3. With each remaining piece, ask yourself, “Does this item fit my *current* lifestyle? Not the life you had five years ago or ten years ago.  The post-COVID life you have now in the middle years.  If it doesn’t, remove it from the closet and set it aside. (This step was a bit emotional for me. It is a reminder that my life has changed and I don’t have to vibrant social life that I once did…and that I don’t look as youthful as I once did.)

The end result of these three steps is that your closet will be declutterred and will allow you to look at what you already own with fresh eyes.  Resetting your closet will allow you to create – from items you already own – outfits that are chic over 40, chic over 50, chic over 60, chic over 70…and CHIC OVER 80! (Let us not neglect your fashionable ladies over 80 in our community!) This exercise will allow you to follow the number one rule of this blog: SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST!

PS: The outfits I’m showing below have nothing to do with this post, other than that I wore them in the video. So I’m showing them in case you would like shopping links!

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– Valarie

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