Getting Dressed Made EASY: The Power of Pre-Staging Outfits

Life is full of responsibilities, commitments, and endless to-do lists, especially for midlife women who are often juggling multiple roles. Amongst all the chaos, finding time to put together a stylish outfit every morning can feel like an overwhelming task. However, fear not, for we have a game-changing solution – pre-staging your outfits in advance! In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of pre-staging and how using pants hangers with hooks can revolutionize your morning routine, making getting dressed a breeze.

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Getting Dressed Made Easy

1. Visualize Your Style with Screenshots or Pinterest Boards:

Before diving into the pre-staging process, gather inspiration by taking screenshots of your favorite outfits or creating dedicated Pinterest boards. Midlife women often have a refined sense of style, and visualizing your desired looks will help you create outfits that reflect your personality and boost your confidence.

Gray Open Front Cardigan + Denim Button Up Shirt + Black Straight Leg Jeans + Black Loafers + Black Tote = Office Casual Outfit

2. Pre-Staging: The Key to an Effortless Morning Routine:

Pre-staging outfits is a simple yet transformative technique that involves piecing together your chosen clothes, shoes, and accessories in advance. By doing this, you eliminate the morning scramble of searching for matching items, ensuring a more streamlined and stress-free start to your day.

Bouclé Cardigan + Camel Shell + Straight Leg Jeans + Black Loafers + Black Handbag = Smart Casual Outft

3. Enter: Pants Hangers with Hooks:

To take pre-staging to the next level, invest in pants hangers with hooks. These hangers are specifically designed to keep entire outfits together, so you won’t be hunting for missing pieces in the morning. Simply hang each complete outfit, including tops, bottoms, accessories, and even shoes, on these hangers. The hooks allow you to hang multiple hangers together in your closet, giving you a complete ensemble ready to wear. Here is a link to alternative hanger hooks to help you pre-state your outfits.

Beige Cashmere T-Shirt + Black Ankle Pants + Cap Toe Ballet Flats + Beige Handbag = Effortless Style

I am using removable fashion tape to turn the hem under rather than tucking my shirt. Click here for a tutorial.

4. The Morning Routine Made Easy:

Imagine waking up to a closet filled with pre-staged outfits, designed to perfection based on your style inspiration. With pants hangers and hooks, you can effortlessly glide through your morning routine. Here’s how it works:

a. Time-Saving: No more wasting precious minutes deciding what to wear. Each outfit is ready to go, leaving you more time for self-care or other priorities.

b. Stress Reduction: By eliminating the morning chaos, you set a positive tone for the rest of the day, reducing stress and anxiety.

c. Confidence Boost: When you look good, you feel good! With pre-staged outfits, you can step out each day feeling confident and stylish, ready to conquer any challenge.

Beige Button Up Cardigan + Brown Cashmere T-Shirt + Black Straight Leg Jeans + Black Loafers + Beige Handbag = Effortless Style

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4 thoughts on “Getting Dressed Made EASY: The Power of Pre-Staging Outfits

  1. Thank you. Have purchased many items you post and have followed almost all your tips.
    Do you have any good white tshirt recommendations. Too many see through , all cotton without stretch found. Would love to find some good white tshirts crew and v neck.

  2. I have silver/ white hair. 70 years old
    Since I let my hair go “natural” I am having to rethink my wardrobe to keep from appearing washed out.
    I am a “winter” according to color diagnoses. Also, I am in search of white T-shirts “not see thru”. Thanks for your help. You look very put together and classy

    1. Cool Neutrals post coming on Friday. Also, I just ordered new t-shirts this morning from Lands End so I will report back once I inspect them with my own eyes…

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