Travel Tuesday: Early Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Midlife Women

As the vibrant hues of summer give way to the crisp air and falling leaves of autumn, it’s the perfect time to embark on a travel adventure. Midlife women, often seeking comfort and style, deserve a well-curated wardrobe that effortlessly combines versatility with sophistication. Early Fall 2023 presents a unique challenge in planning a travel capsule wardrobe as it is still warmer than normal across much of North America.

With this unique requirement in mind, this blog post presents an early fall travel capsule wardrobe, featuring a selection of timeless and trendy pieces that will keep you feeling chic and comfortable throughout your journey. I have also included some short sleeve and lighter alternatives for those warmer than expected days.  Let’s dive into the essential items that make up this fabulous collection.

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  1. Houndstooth Blazer:

The classic Houndstooth Blazer is a must-have for any midlife woman’s wardrobe. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether you’re strolling through a bustling city or attending a casual dinner. Pair it with boot cut jeans or a pleated skirt for a polished and put-together look.

Houndstooth Blazer + Camel Sweater Tee + Straight Leg Jeans + Ankle Boots + Tory Burch Handbag


2. Camel Sweater Tee:

A Camel Sweater Tee is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, making it a travel essential. It’s perfect for layering, keeping you cozy during cool mornings and evenings. Combine it with a denim shirt for a casual yet chic ensemble or wear it with black joggers for a relaxed daytime look.

Here is a video to show you how to fold a pleated skirt for travel.

Camel Sweater Tee + Black Pleated Skirt + Tortoise Pumps + Demellier Handbag

3. Denim Shirt:

A Denim Shirt is a quintessential wardrobe staple that effortlessly transitions from season to season. It can be worn as a standalone piece for a casual outing or layered under a sweater or blazer for extra warmth. The denim shirt pairs exceptionally well with a pleated skirt, creating a stylish contrast of textures.  I have also included a link to a short sleeve demin shirt for warmer-than-average fall days.

Denim Shirt (with scarf clip to draw up the waist) + Straight Leg Jeans + Ankle Boots + Tory Burch Handbag

Read MORE about how to use a scarf clip instead of tucking your shirt here.

4. Pleated Skirt

Fall is the ideal season to flaunt a pleated skirt, as it exudes femininity and elegance. Opt for a versatile color like black or camel gold, allowing you to mix and match with various tops. Dress it up with a houndstooth blazer or down with a denim shirt, depending on the occasion.

Denim Shirt (with scarf clip to draw up the waist) + Pleated Skirt + Knee High Boots

5. Cashmere Poncho

Nothing says luxury like a cashmere poncho. It’s a perfect travel companion, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you’re exploring a quaint town or enjoying a countryside retreat, this cozy and versatile piece will keep you warm and stylish.

Cashmere Ponch + Denim Shirt (with scarf clip to draw up the waist + Straight Leg Jeans + Ankle Boots + Tory Burch Handbag

6. Straight Leg Jeans:

Straight Leg Jeans are a timeless silhouette that flatters all body types. They can be effortlessly dressed up or down, making them a great choice for any occasion. Pair them with a camel sweater and houndstooth blazer for a chic Autumn look. 

Denim Shirt (with scarf clip to draw up the waist) + Straight Leg Jeans + Ankle Boots + Tory Burch Handbag

Read MORE about how to use a scarf clip instead of tucking your shirt here.

7. Black Joggers:

When it comes to travel, comfort is key, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Black joggers are the perfect blend of both. From strolling through airport terminals to exploring new cities, black joggers offer both comfort and style.  The elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit throughout your journey, while the tapered leg adds a touch of sophistication. The beauty of black joggers lies in the fact that they are both chic AND comfortable, making them an ideal addition to your travel capsule wardrobe.

Denim Shirt + Camel Sweater Tee + Black Joggers + On Cloud Sneakers + Crossbody Bag with Alternate Bag Strap

8. Camel Quarter-Zip Pullover:

The camel quarter zip pull-over sweatshirt is a must-have for your fall travel capsule wardrobe. This cozy and stylish piece combines warmth, versatility, and elegance effortlessly. The neutral camel shade complements a wide range of colors, allowing for easy pairing with other wardrobe essentials.  The quarter zip design not only adds a contemporary touch but also offers practicality in adjusting your level of warmth throughout the day. Whether you’re exploring a new city or enjoying a scenic hike, the camel quarter zip pull-over sweatshirt can be layered with a light jacket or worn on its own. Its timeless appeal makes it a fantastic option for midlife women seeking a classic yet modern look.

Quarter Zip Pullover + Black Joggers + On Cloud Sneakers + Crossbody Bag with Alternate Bag Strap


9. Completing Your Early Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe:

To complete your fall travel capsule wardrobe, consider incorporating other versatile pieces such as a lightweight coat, a couple of basic tops, a pair of comfortable shoes, and accessories that can be mixed and matched effortlessly. (I don’t make a shoe recommendation because shoe selection will depend on the itinerary and person preference. And regardless of what shoes I recommend, someone will inevitably complain about the shoe choice.) By selecting items that can be layered and interchanged, you’ll be able to create numerous outfits while minimizing the amount of luggage.

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9 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Early Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Midlife Women

  1. Love your style. Really excited for the spring and summer of 2024. I live in Florida and as much as I am loving the fall items, some items would be too warm.

  2. You always have great capsules mixing quality and budget items. However, I don’t see a camel color in the sweater and the quarter zip color is listed as rust on Amazon. Is the rust what you used for the quarter zip? Thanks!

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