It’s Monday, so it’s back to work for many of us. As we are in the last days of summer, here are five workwear outfits for the week ahead plus one business casual outfit. Which is your favorite?

Shop all of these outfits here.

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Video Demonstration:

Shop all of these outfit here.

Outfit 1:

Professional Outfits =
Neutral Blazer + Neutral Sheath Dress + Comfortable Pumps + Neutral Office Tote

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Outfit 2:

Professional Outfit =
Black Blazer + Black Sleeveless Top + Neutral Wide Leg Trousers + Comfortable Pumps

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Outfit 3:

Office Ourfit =
Neutral Animal Print Blouse + Scarf Clip (draws up hem) + Camel Ankle Pants + Neutral Pumps

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Outfit 4:

Office Outfit =
Camel Duster + Sleeveless Button Up + Black Travel Ankle Pants + Comfortable Pumps

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Outfit 5:

Bonus Outfit:

Casual Friday | Business Casual =
Black Shirt Dress + Brown Wedge Heels + Brown Handbag

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