If you need office outfits for under $40, this post is for you. Today I’m showing you office Workwear from Amazon prime. The most expensive Amazon item I’m showing you today is $40. My point is you can look elegant, you can look classy, and you can look sophisticated in the office…and you can do so on a budget.

📝 Notes:

⁃ 5 out of 7 outfits here are UNTUCKED shirts.

⁃ I know that some of you are not crazy about wide leg trousers so I have linked to some different Amazon pants that are not quite as wide.

⁃ I made sure to include one outfit with flat shoes for the ladies that can’t wear heels anymore. (I look better in heels so I will be wearing heels most of the time.)

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Video Demonstration:

Shop all of these outfits here.

Outfit 1:

Lightweight Sweater Blazer + Silk Tank + Wide Leg Trousers + Pumps + Work Tote =
Sophisticated Office Chic

Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 2:

Beige Cardigan + White She’ll + Beige Linen Blend Trousers + Comfy Cap Toe Heels + Work Tote =
Classy Workwear

Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 3:

UNTUCKED Short Sleeve Sweater + Black Ankle Pants + Cap Toed Heels + Work Tote =
Chic Workwear

Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 4:

Camel Tie Waist Blouse + Beige Wide Leg Trousers + Pumps + Work Tote =
Elegant Office Outfit

Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 5:

Tie Waist Blouse + Wide Leg Trousers + Work Tote =
Summer Work Outfit

Shop this Outfit Here.

Outfit 6:

Camel Cardigan + Black Shell + Black Slimming Pants + Work Tote =
Timeless Office Chic

Shop this outfit here.

Outfit 7:

Camel Cashmere Short Sleeve Sweater + Beige Wide Leg Trousers + Camel Ballet Flats + Camel Work Tote =
Sophisticated Style

Shop this outfit here.

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