What to Wear…When You Don’t Know What to Wear. HELP!

What to Wear…When You Don’t Know What to Wear. HELP! Can you relate?

👗 Have you ever had one of those moments when you don’t know what to wear? Yep, me too. I know what you are thinking: How does a social media influencer with over a quarter of 1 million followers not know what to wear?! But it happens to me as well.

🍷 Last Thursday night, I had a wine dinner with Duckhorn wines…but I had no idea what to wear. I think it was fashion overload for me, staring at a room full of the clothing I’ve been showing you lately.

💡But I lightbulb enough over my head and I remembered that I had created PINTEREST BOARDS based on my outfits. And in the video today, I am showing you how to create your own Pinterest boards using outfits you find and love on the @ShopLTK app. For instance, I created boards for Dinner Outfits, Work Outfits, Dresses, Wedding Guest, Hot Weather outfits, and so on to guide me when it’s time to get dressed.

👜 So the next time you have an event…and you have no idea what to wear, you can simply pull up your Pinterest board for that type of occasion, scroll through, and select the outfit that is appropriate, and that you love. And the best part of all of this? NO COUNTLESS OUTFIT CHANGES. I put on one outfit and was out the door to my wine dinner!

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Video Demonstration:

Step One: Start with the ShopLTK app.

Start with the ShopLTK app. When you see an outfit that you like, click on the share button in the lower right hand corner. Then you will click on the three dots and select the Pinterest app.

Step Two: Save the outfit to a Pinterest board.

Save the photo of the outfit to a Pinterest board. I have create boards for dinner outfits, wedding guest dresses, work outfits, hot weather, outfits, etc. You can also see that I have created boards for fall fashion inspiration and holiday outfits as we are in the second half of the year.

Step Three: Consult Your Pinterest Boards When You Need an Outfit.

When an occasion arises and you don’t know what to wear, simply pull up the Pinterest board that suits the occasion. Then scroll through and find an outfit that you love and that is appropriate. And now you should be able to effortlessly put on an outfit without numerous outfit changes. One outfit and out the door!

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