⚓️❤️ Up North Summer Layered Outfits. Which is YOUR favorite: 1 2 3 4 5 or 6?!

🏡 In the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Canada, many people have what we refer to as “Up North” cabins and cottages. When summer hits, downstate people head Up North for the weekend…and some for the entire summer.

🛶 And while we don’t agree on where “Up North” actually starts and ends (it’s a heated topic of debate on my local news station this weekend 😆), we do agree that it is not uncommon to experience all four seasons in a single summer day. True story.

🧣👙🧤Indeed, we have a saying that the typical summer day starts with a pullover in the morning, a swimsuit in the afternoon, and a hoodie by the fire in the evening. (Saturday was 36F at 7am, 75F at midday, and 54F by sunset. 🤷🏼‍♀️)

🏕️ While I don’t own ANY hoodies (read: NONE), I wanted to show you some chic and stylish layered looks to dress for the Up North summer season.

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Layered Up North Outfits for Summer. Shop here.
MORE Layered Up North Outfits for Summer. Shop here.
This outfit offers all the coastal grandmother / coastal casual feels! This sweater tank pairs nicely with white linen crop pants and designer sandals for the warmer parts of the day. But don’t forget the denim jacket for when the sun goes down! Shop this outfit here.
Stars and Stripes are always appropriate for Up North Summers! This navy and white striped tank has all the nautical feels when paired with white slimming shorts. But don’t forget the lightweight star sweater for that boat ride! ❤️⚓️ Shop this outfit here.
Let’s keep this coastal grandmother / coastal granddaughter trend going as COASTAL CASUAL. Shop this outfit here.
⚓️❤️🧜🏼‍♀️ I’m a child of the sea at heart…so any kind of nautical outfit is *my style*. The navy striped tee paired with linen khaki shorts wears nicely during the warmth of the day…but layer a navy sailor’s quarter zip pullover for the boat ride. Shop this outfit here.
Coastal Grandmother. Coastal Casual. Coastal COOL. The loose fitting baby blue linen wide leg pants are a summer time dream. Pair with a simple m white t-shirt for the day and white quarter zip pullover for the bonfire at night. Shop this outfit here.
More of a jeans girl? No problem. Jeans shorts during the day swap out for comfy jeans at night. Shop this outfit here.

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