New Orleans Birthday Trip – Day One

WHERE Y’AT?! ⚜️💜✈️

Day One in New Orleans was a success. My 49th birthday trip is underway…

Start planning your own New Orleans weekend getaway here.

✈️👜 For starters, I packed five days of outfits in a small underseat suitcase that travels for free…I refused to pay $140 in baggage fees. There is a link to those in the shopping post and more about it in my Stories. I’ll do a post next week.

I packed five days of outfits in this underseat suitcase that travels for FREE. I refuse to pay $140 round trip for a carry on bag. More next week…

🐊🥂🥣 While we waited for @jtwo73 Judy and Jeff to arrive, we started the evening with a bowl of Alligator Sausage gumbo and Buttery Sonoma Chardonnay at one of my favorites, Redfish Grille.

The Alligator Sausage Gumbo at Redfish Grille is my favorite. Pair with a glass of buttery Sonoma Chardonnay for the full culinary experience.

🦪🏒🥅 Then we meandered down Bourbon Street a bit and ate some plump and tasty raw oysters at The Bayou while we watched the Leafs / Bolts playoff hockey game.

4/20 on Bourbon Street had plenty of sights, sounds…and scents. 😆 PS: This chambray shirt dress is under $40, provides plenty of room to expand for meals, and rolls up small for a suitcase. Shop here.

🦀 🍽️🍷Once Judy finally made it to town, we had dinner at La Petite Grocery in the Garden District. The Blue Crab Beignets were out of this world. The Shrimp and Grits, average. This restaurant is a James Beard Award Winner, but I wasn’t wowed. (Super noisy, btw.). However, the service was superb and super friendly. And my glass of Chablis was delightful.

🌱 One more thing. Yesterday was 4/20 in New Orleans. Quite the sights and sounds…and scents…so we didn’t spend a lot of time out and about on the street. I did find one sight which gave me a chuckle. I’ll share more in my blog post at

Start planning your own New Orleans weekend getaway here.

4/20 in New Orleans. Who knew that delivery was a thing???

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