Weekend Outfits for Midlife Women. Which outfit is your favorite: 1 2 3 4 or 5?

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PS: The grinch struck yesterday and delivered the dreaded flu bug to our grandchildren’s home. We were not able to have Christmas with them. No hibachi dinner – I am devastated! And with no snow to ski in Northern Michigan, we are headed back to our home near Key West this week. Oh…and STETSON FOR HEISMAN! ❤️🐾🏈

Weekend Outfits for Midlife Women in Motion
Christmas Party Outfit. This lovely red lace billowing blouse is just $47 – a budget friendly buy! Shop here.
Holiday Concert Outfit. Something about velvet adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. This burgundy velvet dress bypasses the traditional red and green colors of the holiday season for an unexpectedly elegant seasonal look. Also, these lined leggings provide the look of hosiery with the warmth of tights. Shop here.
Brewery Outfit. This preppy layered sweater look will make you look stylish yet casual while sipping on your favorite craft beers. Shop here.
Dinner Outfit. This black fuzzy sweater with jeweled buttons adds a touch of elegance to your December night out look. A budget friendly buy at under $50! Shop here.
Holiday Light Tour Outfit. This cashmere poncho adds sophistication and a hint of warmth to your holiday light tour look. Shop here.

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