Think Beyond Red and Green

💕❄️ WEAR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE Holiday Style Tip #3: Expand your holiday color palette beyond red and green!

Red and green are festive color staples. But what other colors in your closet convey some “festive feels”?

When selecting colors for this season, I like to think of what colors look beautiful against freshly fallen snow: vibrant pinks, sea foam green, lavenders, muted mauve, etc. Think beyond the “holiday box”! 🎁

Two basic steps to create this look:

Step One: I paired a soft and cozy sea foam green cashmere sweater with simple winter white cropped trousers as the basics of this look.

Step Two: Now think back to your homework assignment! 📝 I accessorized this look with some of the items I identified last week while “shopping my own closet”: a blingy snowflake necklace, a glittery bracelet, and a sparkly clutch. Finally, I topped off the look with my glimmering strappy heels to create a haute holiday look…ALL FROM MY OWN CLOSET!!!

And while I advocate for using what is already in your closet this holiday season, there is a shopping link in my bio if you need to supplement with any pieces.

📸 💕 Have you been able to incorporate any of my outfits or style tips into your daily life? Send me a DM and/or a PHOTO! I would love to connect with you!

Shop here to Supplement your wardrobe with key pieces!
Shop here to Supplement your wardrobe with key pieces!
Shop here to Supplement your wardrobe with key pieces!

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