Mixing Thrift & Retail: 10 Casual Outfits for November

Halloween is over but the holidays are yet to arrive. No more pumpkin patch visits but not yet time for festive parties and gatherings. With this in mind, today I am going to give you 10 Casual Outfits for November that mix thrifted items with retail splurges.

As I advised in a previous post, FIVE Areas to Buy Secondhand this Fall, my number one item to buy secondhand during the Autumn season is SWEATERS. (Read the previous post on how to buy secondhand the perfect cozy Autumn sweater!) Because the temperatures are dropping outside, each of these outfit ideas is based around a cozy sweater.

Next, pair with either jeans or leggings. Top with a snug cardigan or warming fuzzy vest and finish off the looks with your favorite boots or slippers…AND OF COURSE your favorite handbag!

Keep scrolling to see 10 Casual Outfit Ideas for November!

Change the pants, change the look! This simple pink Ann Taylor sweater with a faux-layered look easily moves from causal with jeans (left) to more daring with liquid leggings (right). The only fashion piece that changes in this look is the pants. While the sweater (size small) is available in my Poshmark closet, shop the rest of this look here.
Change the sweater, change the look! Here, the jeans and boots stay the same. My #1 Splurge for Autumn are these flattering yet comfortable low-heel booties. Simply changing the sweater and bag changes the entire look. Both sweaters are available in my Poshmark closet (pink crocheted LOFT sweater and burgundy faux layered ELLE sweater). Shop the rest of this look here.
Change the pants, change the look! The only differences between these two looks are the pants and accenting handbag. This light wool LOFT sweater accents its beauty with ribbon ties on the wrist. It easily looks casual with jeans and a casual crossbody bag (right) but more bold with liquid leggings and a leopard print clutch (left). The sweater is available (size small) in my Poshmark closet.

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