TREND ALERT: Black Jeans

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” – Oscar de la Renta

What I am about to share with you is a fashion trend.  What you do with this fashion trend is your personal style.  I’m constantly writing about not looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing and wearing before you dress the same, style your hair the same, do your makeup the same, etc.  YOU BE YOU, BOO!  So…take this information I am about to give you and make it your own.

Black jeans are a fashion trend this Fall.  Black is such a versatile color, pairing with virtually every other color in your wardrobe.  Not only is it versatile, but it has a slimming effect on the person wearing it.  And if those selling points weren’t enough for you, black jeans are easy to dress down for daytime casual looks, yet easy to dress up for evening dressy looks.

With that said, I am about to give you three tips on how to incorporate the black jean fashion trend into your personal style.  Take some of these tips, leave some of these tips, but make your look your own…your uniqueness is beautiful!

  1. Button-Up Shirt:  Start with a black long sleeve tshirt and black jeans as your base layer.  Dressing your base layer in a single color is referred to as “column dressing”.  From there, you can layer over top either a denim or plaid button-up shirt.  Choose your favorite casual and comfy Fall and Winter shoes. (With a black base layer, you can really pick any shoe style or color!)  Sling your favorite puffy vest over top and a cross body bag…and this look is stylish and uniquely your own!
  2. Cozy Cardigan:  Sticking with the black-jeans-black-shirt column look, simply layer over top a cozy cardigan in Autumn or Winter colors.  (For Autumn, a good rule of thumb is to choose colors that mimic the leaves falling from the trees in your wardrobe.)  Loop a colorful scarf around your neck and consider topping the look with a felt fedora.  
  3. Cozy Sweater:  Remember when I said you could pair black jeans with virtually any color in your closet?  Here ya go:  break out your favorite cozy sweater and zip up some smokin’ hot knee-high boots.  You are now ready for a lively night on the town!

And if you want to know *my* favorite brand of black jeans for petite women (read: short girls), click here!

Do you have your own ideas about how to pair black jeans to look stylish?!  Let me know by commenting below.  You can also tag me in a photo of your look or #flatlay on Instagram!!! @petiteposhcloset

Black jeans are so versatile that they pair with almost anything in your wardrobe!
A simple denim shirt and casual shoes style up the black jeans trend.
For a dressier look, pair black jeans with your favorite cozy sweater and knee-high boots…smokin’ hot!

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