5 Ways to Style It: Neutral Dolman Sweater

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It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of shopping, especially for those of us in our 40s and 50s. Retail stores pull out all the stops to capture our attention with their elaborate window displays, extended holiday hours, sales, and coupon promotions. The pressure to buy leads many of us to make impulse purchases we later regret.

But today I am sharing with you a quick trick on how to STOP impulse spending:

Before you buy, think of FIVE WAYS to style the item with pieces you already own in your closet. If you can think of five ways to style it, you can buy it!

Here is the problem with impulse buying: You buy the item simply because you love it or because it’s the trendy item for that season. However, we fail to consider how they would fit into our existing wardrobe. As a result, these items often end up languishing in our closets, still brand new with the tags attached. Alternatively, we may feel compelled to buy additional pieces just to have something to pair with our impulse buy. This cycle can lead to unnecessary clutter and financial strain. It’s important to pause and reflect on the practicality and versatility of a purchase before succumbing to impulse buying tendencies.

But just by asking yourself if you can think of five ways to style the purchase… with items you already own… you cut down on the chance that the purchase will unnecessarily hang in your closet indefinitely. You also eliminate the possibility that you will buy MORE items to style with. GIVE THIS TRICK A TRY and let me know if if works for you!

I am barely 5’1 with a 26” inseam and generally wear size 4P. All items fit TTS (true to size) unless otherwise stated.

– Valarie

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Final Thoughts…

We were able to style this neutral dolman sweater five ways so it is OKAY to buy! Let me know in the comments below what you think about this trick…and let hear from you if you try it.

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