Weekend Outfits for Early November

Shop Your Closet for Weekend Outfits! All of these outfits are styled based on YOUR responses about your weekend plans. You should be able to find similar items in your own closet. SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST…but if you need to supplement your wardrobe, there are shopping links below each photo.

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Shop Your Closet for Weekend Outfits for Every November

Holiday Shopping Outfit

Fuzzy Scarf (30% + 15% off) + Gray Coatigan + Long Sleeve Tee + Jeans (cut to custom length) + Sneakers (Gray) = Holiday Shopping Outfit

Brunch Outfit

Sherpa Cardigan (30% + 15% Off) + Boots (36% off) + Jeans + Black Handbag = Brunch Outfit

Chasing Grandkids Outfit

Camel Open Front Cardigan (40% off) + Striped Tee + Jeans + Slip On Sneakers = Brunch Outfit

Concert Outfit

Velvet Blazer + Boots + Jeans + Shell 50% off + Glitter Clutch = Concert Outfit

Dinner Outfit

Beige Boatneck Sweater + Velvet Wide Leg Travel Pants + Tortoise Pumps + Beige Handbag = Dinner Outfit

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  1. Could you please repost the Holiday Meal Planning Guide to your newsletter or email it to me? I would appreciate it!

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