Balancing Classic Wardrobe Staples with Fashion Trends: Pleated Skirts

As midlife women, we often find ourselves in a unique position where we have gained a deeper understanding of our personal style and what truly works for us. While embracing classic and timeless pieces forms the foundation of our wardrobe, it is equally essential to stay open to incorporating current fashion trends. This harmonious balance allows us to exude confidence, showcase our individuality, and stay relevant in the ever-changing fashion world.

With this in mind, pleated skirts are trendy for Fall Fashion 2023. And this trend is one I readily embracing as pleated skirts are elegant, feminine, and timeless…adding an hint of gracefulness to any look.

So let’s explore why pleated skirts are both trendy for Fall Fashion 2023 *AND* a classic wardrobe piece:

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NOTE: I am 5’1, 26” inseam, and generally wear 4P. All items fit true to size (TTS) unless noted otherwise.


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1. Flowing movement:

Pleats create a graceful and flowing movement when walking or dancing, adding a sense of elegance and femininity to the overall look.

Bouclé Jacket + Camel Pleated Skirt + Silk Camisole + Demellier Bag + Tortoise Pumps

2. Soft and delicate appearance:

The folds and drapes of pleated skirts give them a soft and delicate appearance, which is often associated with femininity.

Cableknit Cardigan + Amazon Pleated Skirt + Demellier Bag + Nude Pumps

3. Classic and timeless style:

Pleated skirts have been a fashion staple for decades and are often associated with classic and timeless style. This association with timeless fashion can contribute to their elegant and feminine reputation.

Bouclé Jacket + Amazon Silk Camisole + Black Pleated Skirt + Demellier Bag + Tortoise Pumps

4. Versatility:

Pleated skirts can be styled in various ways, from casual to dressy, making them versatile and adaptable to different occasions. This versatility allows them to be both elegant and feminine, depending on how they are styled.

Denim Shirt (tied up with scarf ring) + Pleated Skirt + Ballet Flats + Tory Burch Bag

Click HERE for a tutorial about how to tie up your button up shirt with a scarf clip.

5. Historical connotations:

Pleated skirts have been worn by women in different historical periods, including the Victorian era and the 1950s. These historical associations with femininity and elegance can also contribute to the perception of pleated skirts as such.

Cashmere Tee + Camel Pleated Skirt + Demellier Bag + Nude Pumps
Camel Bouclé Cardigan + Black Pleated Skirt + Demellier Bag + Tortoise Pumps
Amazon Pleated Skirt + Denim Jacket + White Tank + Canvas Sneakers

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