“Can ‘women of a certain age’ (50+) wear over the knee boots?”


This was a question I received during our first of the month Q&A in My Stories. So I checked with a few 50+ blogger friends and here are our responses. Scroll through to meet each of them!


What do YOU think? Are over the knee boots appropriate for women of a certain age?

I wear OTK boots on occasion during Fall and Winter. And before you say you are too short to wear them, I am barely 5’1. I find OTK boots add a dramatic and chic accent to some outfits. Shop this lightweight sweater dress here. Shop the over the knee boots here.
👢 Meanwhile, Suzanne at @atalldrinkofstyle says that she wears them…but at 6’1 OTK boots barely reach her knees. (I’m dying to do a side-by-side post with Suzanne…same outfit on 5’1 v. 6’1. 😃)
🍁 Lisa at @coasttocoast2 says that she has never been able to really embrace over the knee boots: “As someone on the more petite side, I prefer booties to tall boots…That doesn’t mean I don’t wear tall boots, I just like the shaft to hit below my knee.”
🍂 Cathy @mysideof50 says that she lives in a climate with mild winters “so I don’t need tall boots of any kind. And they aren’t really my style aesthetic – but that has nothing to do with age.”
🍁 Nanette at @sweetfringebenefits says she does not wear OTK boots: “I just don’t love that style on me. Thick thighs.”
👢 Renate at @stylealiveafter55 says she is 62 and wears them all the time. “Wear what makes you feel good at any age.”
🍑 But perhaps my favorite quote came from my fellow Georgia Girl Suzanne at @makingherstoryafter50 who made me snort my coffee when she told me she doesn’t wear OTK boots with skirts “because I might look like a 60 year old hooker.” 🤣 But she says she will wear them with jeans and pants.

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