Work Outfits and Healthy Recipes

Hi ho…hi ho…its back to work we go. 🎶 Work Wear outfits to start your Monday morning.
As most of you know, I am a full time lawyer and homeschool mom. I love this global community of midlife women that we built through this account TOGETHER…we just grew a little faster than this girl could keep up with. I haven’t sent out our newsletter with healthy recipes in about a month now simply because I could not keep up with everything this account requires: photographing, posting, writing captions, posting shopping links, responding to comments, and most importantly, engaging with YOU.

But I think I’ve got a handle on everything now and will be sending out that newsletter in the morning with a NEW recipe. If you are not signed up yet, you can sign up at (Please don’t send me your email to you add you myself – I’m working today and won’t be able to add you!). Any guesses on what the recipe will be? 🍽💕💌
Shop these outfits through the link below each photo!

PS: Do you need some healthy recipes for weeknight meals? I send out a new healthy…and EASY…recipe each week. Sign up to receive the newsletter on the right! —> (Mobile viewers scroll down to sign up!)

Shop this work wear outfit here.
Shop this professional suit here.
Shop this business outfit here.

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