It is that time of year where we must dress for the summer weather outdoors… but we must also dress for the summer “weather indoors” as well. Whether I am working from home or working in an office, the indoor air-conditioning can be a little harsh in the summer.

But as midlife women well know, there is no amount of air-conditioning that can stop those summer hot flashes. What I think most people don’t understand – until they’ve experienced hot flashes – is that after the hot flash subsided, we are covered in sweat…and end up shivering in chills! The result? Midlife women working in an office spend the summer vacillating between spontaneous human combustion and the polar bear chills that follow.

With that in mind, here are some stylish ideas about how to apply layers for the office. My summer office uniform is a sleeveless blouse, a Cardigan or blazer over top, a pair of soft pants, and super comfy loafers. While I tend to work in the sleeveless blouse, I generally keep that Cardigan or a Blazer on the back of my office chair at all times for when the office gets a little chilly. Shop these workwear outfits here.

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