Laws of Fashion: Matching Belt / Shoe Rule

The laws of fashion say that your belt and shoes should match in any one outfit. I include handbag in this rule as well. And I agree that it’s a good rule of thumb to have all three pieces in the same color family when styling an outfit.

But this rule starts to fail when it comes to white outfits and colored outfits. White shoes with white pants and white blouse would be overpowering. When using bright accent pieces as in the fifth example below, styling all three pieces in the same bright color would simply be too much. And in the final example, pink shoes to match a pink purse and blazer would be over the top.

So what do YOU think?! Is this a good law…or should it be repealed?

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Laws of Fashion: Matching Belt / Shoe Rule. Shop these outfits here.
Matching belt, bag, and shoes add polish to this professional outfit. This hot pink blazer one of my all time best sellers…but stock is limited so shop NOW before your size is sold out. Use code VALARIE10 to save 10%. Shop here.
Matching leopard belt, clutch, and heels adds depth and interest to this smart casual outfit. Shop here.
Matching belt, bag, and shoes nicely pulls together this smart casual outfit. Shop here.
White shoes with a white belt, white pants, white blouse, and white handbag would be way too much white. Pair with nude heels instead. Shop here.
A third red accent piece here would be too overpowering – pair with a neutral black belt instead. Shop here.
Pairing pink shoes with a pink handbag and pink blazer would be too much for this outfit. Pair nude heels instead to balance the look. Shop here.

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