2022: The Summer of the Wedding Guest

2022: The Summer of the Wedding Guest.

All of those weddings that didn’t happen for the past two summers sound like they are ALL happening this year. That means many of us will need more than one wedding guest dress.

I hate spending money for something I will only wear one time. With that said, I am trying to find wedding guest dress options that are age-appropriate, stylish, good quality, AND affordable. At only $34.99 USD, this one meets all of those criteria. (Not available in UK – I searched yesterday. 🇬🇧😭)

For sizing, I am 5’1 and wearing size small. Maxi dress for petites, midi dress for taller heights. Shop HERE!

Shop HERE! Music: “For Love” by Jeff Kale
Shop HERE!
Shop HERE!
Shop HERE!

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