Workwear from the Waist Up


Yup, you read that right. Our group discussion on Sunday revealed that we have a whole demographic of midlife women who spend a lot of time on Zoom or MS Teams video calls. These ladies said that they need to look presentable from the waist up…but want to be comfy from the waist down.

Instead of leggings, sweatpants…or even pajama pants 🙀, I wanted to give you some comfy yet stylish alternatives. I found these “loungewear” pants that are super soft and cozy…without looking like sweatpants. No buttons or zippers to mess with…just pull them on and off.

Simply pair these loungewear pants with a lightweight sweater and a long necklace to style up the look a little. (Dig through your jewelry – I’m sure you already have a long necklace somewhere!) I have finished off the look with a super comfortable pair of sneakers for when I have to run out on an errand. Oh and don’t forget the reading glasses on top of your head…those are like a STAPLE for midlife women, aren’t they?!?! 🤓

Shop these items here!

Shop these items here!
Shop these items here!
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