Thursday Coffee Cheers

Gorgeous Girl, you are capable of things you never imagined.

As most of you know, my son and I went 22 hours without power yesterday. My husband was out of town and Grandpa was gone for the day. I had no one to help me deal with the situation.

So what did I do? I pulled up my big girl britches and figured out things out myself. I figured out how to select, purchase, set up, start, and hook up the house to a generator all on my own. While it wasn’t the same as having full house power, it allowed us to run the WiFi, charge our devices, get cooling from fans…and most importantly, RUN THE COFFEE MAKER!

Before yesterday, I never thought I would be capable of accomplishing something so mechanical. But by digging down deep and summoning up some courage, I proved to myself that I can handle machine-driven challenges on my own without going straight to my husband or father-in-law first. And most importantly, I set an example for my son that women are capable of doing technical tasks usually reserved for men.

Oh…and I also figured out how to make “campfire coffee” AND French Press coffee…because desperate times call for desperate measures! 😆 (Swipe right to see – I was definitely hot and sweaty by the end of all of this!)

And with that said, here is a big fat THURSDAY COFFEE CHEERS to you, Beautiful!!! May you find the courage to conquer mountains in our path!!! ☕️🖤✌🏼

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