Style for Curvy Women

During our discussion the other day, we established that women come in all sizes and shapes and that we all want to look stylish. We also established that we get, uhm, “new bodies” during the midlife years. And I totally hear you, Beautiful! That is why I am partnering with one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL women on Instagram, @the.casual.mama !!! We will be re-creating some of these looks so that you can see how they look on a plus size, curvy woman. Give her a follow because she will be posting more examples!

The size may be different…but the STYLE is the same – black column look underneath (black shirt, black pants) with a bold blazer over top. Then layer a long necklace, add a leopard belt and shoes…and don’t forget some huge, glamorous sunnies for when you step out the door!

Don’t want to tuck in your shirt? (That new waistline we get in midlife is a real bummer, isn’t it?!) Just leave the shirt tail out and skip the belt…more on this coming later!

Shop my look here! Shop the plus size look here!
Follow The Casual Mama for more plus size looks! Shop her look here!
Shop this look here!

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