We are back in our Key West home for a few days to check on everything following Hurricane Elsa. As far as we can tell, everything is okay and no damage. The neighbors swear we see stronger storms in January! 🌴💕🥥

At any rate, the tourists have returned to the Florida Keys in droves now that it’s relatively safe to travel for vaccinated people. (Summer is usually our off season for tourism but It feels like January with all the people here right now!) Our islands depend on tourism so we are all very grateful for the travel traffic.

Yesterday, we took our smaller boat out the sandbar and just walked around in the ocean with some friends. Sandbar trips are the absolute best way to spend a hot summers day down here!

Now that it is relatively safe to travel for vaccinated people, where do you plan on going? Let me hear from you in the comments below or through a DM! ✈️ 💕📸