Birthday Struggles?

Some people struggle with certain birthday milestones more than others. For some it’s 30, for many it’s 40, for others it’s 50 and so on. ***What birthday did YOU struggle with the most?***

My good friend and fellow lawyer @katiegcollectionofme turned 35 this week. But she felt that she was really struggling with not still being early 30’s, turning the corner headed towards 40. At this point in her life, Katie said she felt like she should have some things sorted out in her life by now that are not. You can read here Instagram post here.

What birthday did I struggle with the most?

I struggled the most with turning 30. Before I turned 30, I was still that 20-something young beautiful girl, driving a hot sports car, and living in a cool apartment in Atlanta. I was wholeheartedly one of those “Sex in the City” type of girls with an awesome boyfriend/husband but still didn’t have her shit completely together. Turning 30 made me think I had to grow up. Turning 30 made me think I had to have all my ducks in a row by my 30th birthday and be a grownup and have a house in the suburbs and all those sorts of grown up things.

But I wasn’t ready to be that grown up just yet. I wasn’t ready for the house in the suburbs and a family and a 401K and all those grownup things. I was still young and wild and free and beautiful with nothing to anchor me down other than my husband…and didn’t want that to change.

At 47, I have all those things that I thought I should’ve had a handle on upon turning 30…including a much quieter, happier life and a much sweeter love for my husband. But I still kinda miss that 20-something girl, her free spirit, and all of her adventures. And I certainly miss seeing her looking back at me in the mirror.

I want to hear from you in the comments below – what birthday did YOU struggle with the most? If you aren’t comfortable posting in the comments below, send me a email…I would love to hear your story and perspective.

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