Accepting my reflection. As I look in the mirror, I no longer see the my 27 year old reflection looking back at me. I’m learning to accept the 47 year old me…the one with smile lines around her eyes, marionette lines along her mouth, and a few gray strands poking through my hair. This new version of me doesn’t have as much energy as she she once did and isn’t as physically capable as she once was.

But as I learn to accept my 47 year old reflection, I also accept that I don’t act the way I did as a carefree 27 year old. Im older and a little wiser these days, learning a hard lesson or two through the years. My 47 year old self knows more than my 27 year old self. She may be older, but she is definitely wiser. And happier. I can honestly say that now, this 47 year old reflection, is the happiest version of me…that now is the happiest time of my life. And THAT makes accepting the reflection of me in the mirror a whole lot easier.

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