The Essential Cozy Autumn Sweater

Crisp Autumn temperatures.  Cool whispering breezes.  Gently falling leaves.  Aromas of leaves burning in the distance.  It’s that time again…time to break out the Cozy Autumn Sweaters.

Nothing signifies that Autumn is upon us more so than the appearance of the cozy sweater. For me, the cozy sweater feels like a blanket that I can wrap around me as soon as I roll out of bed, as I’m walking out into the Autumn air, or as I’m savoring a glass of wine by the warmth of the fireplace.  

Although I love the comfort of the cozy sweater most, I also appreciate its versatility.  Pair it with jeans or tights, boots or sneakers.  You will feel snug either way.

*If you like this neutral Dolman sweater (size small), you can purchase it from my Poshmark closet IF YOU HURRY…before I decided to keep it for myself…  

You can find shop sweater here!