Styling Mixed Textures for Summer

Styling Mixed Textures for Summer. When styling two wardrobe pieces together, you generally want to stay away from styling two pieces of the same textures. (Think silky + silky or woven + woven.) Instead, try styling opposite textures together for a more balanced, sophisticated look: woven + matte, silky + fuzzy, matte + silky, etc. OPPOSITES ATTRACT! Here are some examples below!

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Styling Mixed Textures for Summer
Here, we have styled woven with silky. Had we paired the silk skirt with a silk blouse or a silk wrap, the shine would be overpowering. Instead, we have balanced the shininess of the silk with the woven matte texture of the sweater tank. Shop this outfit here.
Instead of styling these linen crop pants with a linen or gauze top, we have balanced the look by pairing the linen pants with a fuzzy cashmere sweater. A great look for the Summer office! Shop this outfit here.
Opposites Attract: this sheer chiffon kimono is perfectly balanced when paired with denim and cotton. As you can see, the column look of black top and black pants creates a look of length while the kimono adds a little panache to the look. Shop this outfit here.
As always, a fuzzy cashmere poncho balances the satin and silk look of the dress underneath. This is a perfect outfit for a night at the theater! Shop this outfit here.
This beautiful Bell sleep blouse has a slightly silky texture to it. Adding denim to the outfit balances the look. Shop this outfit here.
While I love linen and gauze for summer, too much of both can be a bad thing. Balance the gauze texture of the skirt with a woven handbag and belt for an easy breezy summer stylish look. Shop this outfit here.
Opposites attract: the fuzzy texture of this beautiful pink cashmere sweater balance is perfectly with the flowy chiffon feel of the skirt. Shop this outfit here.

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